Collections: A Post Family Exhibition

This past summer, The Post Family designed a show called "Collections" that was about, well, collecting. We curated 213 jars of individual collections, both small and large, infinitely significant, and border-line garbage. And they were all priced accordingly. We also created personal projects based on our individual interpretations of the theme. My piece incorporated the bottoms of paper bags that I had collected over a span of four years from my various lunches while working downtown. Hand-sewn into a quilt and collaged with cut vinyl, the piece was created to raise awareness of the subconscious "heirlooms" that we pass down to younger generations in the form of garbage and pollution. Other people musing on the idea of collections that I have stumbled upon throughout my research include Lisa Cogdon's collection a day, and Frank Chimero's writeup* on collecting versus curating.

*Currently not available. new link soon.