Art Dump Double Feature

As Exhibitions Coordinator over the past 4 years at The Post Family my duties have ranged from Co-Curator and Preparator to Janitor, Hype Man, Beer Runner and much more. For one of our year's very limited two-show schedule, Art Dump, the design team for legendary skateboard company GIRL, developed one of the most stand-out shows we have exhibited in our space, to date.

The members of Art Dump created art prints reinterpreted classic skate videos (such as Goldfish, Fully Flared, and Yeah Right!) directed by the infamous Spike Jonze. The result was not only an event of spectacular proportions, but a solid gallery show that incorporated time-based works and subjugated them to the physical space of an art gallery. By memorializing these legendary videos in a concrete artistic format, we hoped to emphasize their roll as important cultural artifacts to help insure that they don't become obsolete like the VHS tapes upon which they were once recorded.
1. Christian Morin    2. Andy Jenkins    3. Michael Coleman    4. Andy Mueller    5. Hershel Baltrotsky    6. Christian Morin