Art Is All Over

For years I have been researching and executing one-of-a-kind lettering both as commissioned work and self initiated projects. Inspired by an original piece by N.E. Thing Co. from 1971 of the same name, the Art Is All Over series flips what is typically expected of my typography work on its head while thinking more abstractly about how dyslexia effects my relationship with the written word. Rather than highly stylizing and ornate forms, I took an "undesigned" approach, exploring phrases that are playful in meaning rather than aesthetic. For example, "Art is all over" can mean two very different things depending on the viewer—"Art is everywhere" or "Art is nowhere". By creating and displaying these pieces I hope to further develop an ongoing dialogue in my work around various issues in the current state of Contemporary Art such as authorship, art practice, technique, and theory. The culmination of this project was an exhibition of large twenty-four-by-thirty-six inch posters at BITE in Chicago.

Thanks to Brian Guido for the photographs.